SR Suntour Tri Air Metric Rear Shock



The faster, steeper and gnarlier it gets, the more you become aware of the TRIAir rear shock. SR Suntour have put together all the feedback from riders and created an efficient and reliable package.  Floating on a magic carpet is the feeling that SR Suntour are aiming for. Reducing the impact from the ground into your body is the first step.   200 x 57mm & 210 x 55mm options available.

    Rebound Damping adjuster 8 clicks
    Damping 3CR
    Compression Damping Adjuster 3 modes
    Piggyback Internal floating piston system
    Intended Use Downhill, Enduro, Freeride
    Size 200 x 57mm & 210 x 55mm options
    Feature Highlights
    • PCS – Piston Compensator System
    • 3 mode compression adjust
    • 8 click rebound
    • Piggyback pressure adjust​
    • Air volume spacer​
    • IFP System (Internal Floating piston)​

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