Hover-1 Helix Hoverboard - Dusk Blue



The Hover-1 Helix is a stylish Hoverboard equipped with a Bluetooth speaker and LED lights to ensure you turn heads while you ride!  The Hover-1 Helix Hoverboard provides a stylish and exciting form of transportation. Complete with a top speed of up to 7.4mph and a range of up to 3.6 miles on just one charge! The two driver motors powering the 6.5-inch wheels can be controlled independently or with both feet for easy turns and smooth braking. The Bluetooth speaker and ultra-bright LED wheel lights will get you noticed while the LED headlights will light your path.

7.4 mph

Runtime - 3.6 hours

15+ years

Bluetooth speaker

LED wheel lights

400W motor

Non-Slip Rubber Footplate

The non-slip rubber footplate ensures that your feet remain firmly on the hoverboard.

LED Head & Wheel Lights

Stay illuminated with the Hover-1 Helix's built in super-bright LED headlights and wheel lights.

Age 15+ years
SizeH22 x W20 x D61cm
Max Speed7.4 mph
RuntimeUp to 3.6 hours
Motor Power400W
Charge Time6 hours
Battery32V, 2.0 Ah
Water Resistance IPX4
LightsLED headlights and wheel lights
Feature Highlights
  • 3.6 hours on one charge - the large 10-cell battery can provide up to 3.6 hours of fun on a single 6 hour charge
  • Bluetooth Speaker - listen to your favourite tunes with the inbuilt bluetooth speaker
  • Safety first - super bright led headlights and wheels will keep you illuminated in low light conditions. The non-slip rubber footplate ensures you stay firmly on the board.
Important Notice
  • It is illegal to use an e-scooter or hoverboard on a public road, pavement, cycle lane or bridleway. E-scooters and hoverboards should only be ridden on private land with the permission of the land owner.
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