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The Axon Pro Max-S, takes the Axon Pro-S and adds a higher capacity battery along with a few other changes to turn the explorer in to the adventurer, out all day, not a problem, with a range of up to nearly 30 miles, the Axon Pro Max -S is the ideal choice for urban adventurers.


250w motor


15 kg


16" wheels


36v 7Ah battery


Up tp 30 miles


Hydraulic brakes

                   Axon Pro Max-S Folding E-Bike Foldable

Fold your bike for storage & transport in just 10 seconds

Axon Rides electric bikes fold down to just 25 x 64 x 76.5cm. Store your e-bike just about anywhere. It fits snugly under a desk, at a table in a coffee shop and neatly in the corner of a room. Also, if you take it with you on a train or bus, you can relax and take a seat rather than stand awkwardly by the door!

Axon Pro Max-S Folding E-Bike Lightweight

Never leave your bike alone in the street again

At 15Kg, the Max Pro is lightweight and easy to carry. You can take your bike into the security of your home and office.

Axon Pro Max-S Folding E-Bike Compact

The perfect balance of form & comfort

Ride through the narrow city streets with ease thanks to the efficient technical design. The featherweight frame is easy enough to ride on its own, but Axon Rides electric bikes take your pedal power to the next level with a lightweight electric motor.

Weight 15 Kg
Max Speed15.5 mph
Electric Motor 250W
Wheel Size16 inch wheel - bead seat diameter iso size 305mm
Tyre 16 x 1.75 with Schrader valve
Electric Assist3 levels of pedal assist
Battery indicatorLCD Display
Gear Single Speed
Disc Brakes Hydraulic
Battery Capacity36V - 7Ah (Lithium-Ion battery)
Battery Range 15-30 mile / 24-48 km
Key Features
  • Compact - easy storage whether at home, in the boot of a car or on a train
  • Quick - get your bike ready in less than 10 seconds
  • Lightweight - the high-tech magnesium alloy frame makes this one of the lightest e-bikes on the market
  • Single-speed - simple, low maintenance and lightweight single speed gear which work seamlessly with the compact wheels and powerful motor
  • Display - choice of Simple LED battery indicator or backlit LCD display, ride data and variable-assist level
  • Magnet system - innovative magnet system enables the compact to fold secure without the need for additional clips or latches
  • Powerful braking - hydraulic disc brakes give strong stopping power in all conditions
  • Integrated accessories - the built-in horn, front and rear lights, are all easily operated from dedicated buttons on the handlebars
Important Notice
  • Due to having a twist and go control, which is illegal to use on a public road, pavement, cycle lanes or bridleway, these ebikes should only be ridden on private land with the permission of the landowner
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