Lake Shoe Size Guide

Creating shoes that fit: that is Lake's specialty. With the Lake size charts, shoe lasts and fit matrix, we think you can find the perfect shoe for your foot.

We get it. Sizing shoes online can be difficult, so we have added the following steps to ensure that you get the best fit from your Lake Cycling shoe.

STEP 1: Measuring Your Foot

    • Trace your foot onto a sheet of paper. After you trace your foot take a ruler and make a line to mark the furthest point on all four sides as shown below.
    • Length measurement (Points 1 to 2 as shown below). Use a millimeter ruler to get the measurement of the longest distance from heel to longest toe (first or second toe).
    • Width measurement (Points 3 to 4 as shown below). Use a millimeter ruler to get the measurement of the widest distance of foot from side to side.
    • Repeat steps for other foot as your feet may be different sizes. Typically you will want shoes that accommodate your largest foot the most comfortably.

STEP 2: Review Sizing Charts

lake size chart

STEP 3: Review Fit Matrix

The Fit Matrix is to help explain the difference between Lake models and how our collection is designed to fit various foot shapes. The chart is for reference only. Trying and buying shoes with your local dealer is recommended.

Lake Fit Matrix

    STEP 4: Review Shoe Lasts

    Shoe lasts are like a template used by shoe manufacturers to ensure consistency and accuracy in shoe production. Lake Cycling has a variety of shoe lasts built for a variety of conditions. Read more below on each.

    Lake lasts

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