Cycle to Work Schemes

At Ride LEV we work with the largest cycle to work schemes in the UK: Bike2Work, Cyclescheme and Green Commute Initiative. These schemes can save you up to 47% off the cost of a new e-bike and equipment, and the cost is usually spread over 12 months and taken directly out of your pre-tax salary.

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Cycle Scheme

How to join the cycle to work scheme

Tax is complicated; Cyclescheme is not. You choose a bike, hire it for an agreed length of time, then snap it up for a fraction of its original value. It's like a year-round sale, with the benefit of interest-free credit.. There are just three steps to go through to get a bike for work through Cyclescheme.

1. Pick Your Package & Apply

Pick a package that suits your needs – just an e-bike, an e-bike and accessories or just accessories.

You can use this calculator to check how much you can save.

2. Get Your Gear

This couldn’t be easier. If your employer is signed up with Cyclescheme, they’ll have a unique employer code to use when you apply via (the homepage gives you the option to click on 'I'm an employee', once you've done this you can enter your employer name or code and apply). If your employer isn’t signed up, they can join for free in just a few clicks. You can invite them to join the scheme or point them to our employer registration process.

When you 'Apply', you’ll be guided through a simple form that asks for your work details (inc. payroll number), contact information, and the value of the Cyclescheme Certificate you’re applying for. If you've agreed to get your bike and/or accessories from Ride LEV you'll be able to link your request to us to make things easier.

Your employer will review your application and pay for your Cyclescheme package. Cyclescheme will then send you an eCertificate which you can exchange for your gear at Ride LEV.

3. Choose an ownership option

When your Hire Agreement and salary sacrifice ends, you can keep your Cyclescheme package by paying a small ownership fee. There are 3 options, the price of our recommended option 'Own it later' is built into all marketing communications and calculator and should not come as a surprise.

Own it later (recommended option)

For a Cyclescheme package under £500, you'll pay 3% of the original value; for a package over £500, it's 7% – so a maximum of £70 on a £1,000 package. The bike remains ‘hired’ for a further 36 months, but with no more monthly payments. Ownership can then officially be transferred to you at no extra cost.

This method of transferring ownership is why you save a minimum of 25% and a maximum of 39%.

Own it now

The 'Own it now' fee allows you to own the bike straight away, but it costs more. For a Cyclescheme package under £500, you'll pay 18% of the original value; for a package over £500, it's 25% – so a maximum of £250 on a £1,000 package. The bike is officially transferred to you at this point and there are no others costs.

There is little material benefit to choosing this option and we recommend that all Cycleschemers opt to keep their bikes by choosing the 'Own it later' fee.

Return the bike

If for any reason you do not want the bike at the end of the Hire Period you can return it to Cyclescheme and incur no additional costs.

If you're ready to apply and want a detailed breakdown of the application process view on answer 'How do I request a Certificate?'.

For a personalised savings figure that includes ownership fees, visit our calculator and enter your details.

You can search to see if your workplace is signed up using the search box on Cyclescheme's homepage.

*Offers and promotions are excluded from Bike2Work Scheme purchases.

Bike2Work Scheme

How to join the Bike2Work scheme

1. Register

Register with Bike2Work using this form. You'll obtain a company PIN number from your Employer.

2. Choose your new e-bike

We have a wide range of electric bikes to suit every rider. Choose your new eBike from our vast selection and then get in touch to obtain a written quote. You can either use our contact form or email us at

3. Submit quote

Sign in to Bike2Work and submit your quote to them.

4. Agreement

Bike2Work will then send an invoice and hire agreement to your Employer, which must be signed by both Employer and Employee.

5. Voucher

Your company will make the payment to Bike2Work and they will provide you with a voucher for your new eBike.

6. Delivery

Email us the voucher and we will do the rest, including free delivery, assembly and service at your home or place of work.

*Offers and promotions are excluded from Bike2Work Scheme purchases.

Green Commute Initiative

Green Commute Initiative is the industry-leading and award-winning cycle-to-work scheme with no limits. GCI’s scheme has no £1,000 limit and no scheme exit fees. You can save from 32-47% (depending on your tax rate). Pay monthly through salary sacrifice with no added interest. Salary sacrifice periods can be from 12-60 months. Get an E-bike or conventional cycle through GCI and help reduce congestion and pollution whilst improving your health, fitness and mental wellbeing.

Fees Example

All scheme providers charge Ride LEV a subsidy for acting as middle-man in the transaction. With some schemes, we have to charge an administrative fee. It’s important to point out that Ride LEV only aims to cover the associated costs - there are still huge savings to be made!

Green Commute = 7% charge

Cycle Scheme = 7% charge

Bike 2 Work = 7% charge

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