3 Reasons commuters should ride electric bikes

Across Europe Electric Bikes are certainly growing in popularity. In the UK e-bikes have taken longer to be regarded as a major mode of transport, although the number of e-bike sales are rising steadily.  In 2021 the UK market was worth nearly £200 million, with that number projected to grow to over £330 million by 2027.

eBikes have the ability to overcome most challenges that prevent commuters from riding ‘traditional’ bicycles. The battery-powered pedal assistance means that cycling is now accessible to people with health conditions or who’s fitness levels may be a factor.  Electric bikes allow you to ride comfortably on hilly terrain, without having to worry about grueling hills.   You can also positively impact the environment by shifting towards electric bicycles from fossil fuel vehicles.  

Still not convinced?  Here we will discuss a few reasons that will help you learn the importance of riding e-bikes over other modes of urban commuting.

#1 Reduce the Pollution Rate

London drivers waste 227 hours per year stuck in traffic, traveling at an average speed of 7mph.  Research from motor data company Intrix shows that London is the UK's most congested city, and the sixth globally.  Electric bikes keep you moving, and because eBikes do not run on petrol, diesel, or other types of harmful fossil fuels, they will help reduce your carbon footprint significantly.  A rapid shift from fossil fuel vehicles to e-bikes on a large scale can drastically reduce air pollution.  Besides air pollution, e-bikes can also reduce noise pollution.  Constant honks and rumbling motors keep our cities noisy, eBikes run on battery-operated pedal assistance which is as quiet as conventional bicycles.

do e bikes reduce pollution?

#2 Cut Your Expenses and Save Money 

We cannot get away from the fact that the cost of living is rising. Energy prices are being hiked up, food costs are increasing and public transport tickets are on the rise too.  If that’s not enough to be competing with, the ever increasing price of petrol and diesel doesn’t set to stop anytime soon.  

As we have already established, e-bikes do not run on petrol or diesel and therefore are not affected by fuel price inflation.  You only need a rechargeable battery to keep your e-bike on the move.  The cost of recharging an e-bike battery may be of some concern, however from empty, a typical 500W capacity electric bike battery will take around 4.5 hours to charge to full, using a standard charger. Incidentally you don’t need to wait until the battery is empty, you can charge it any time. The price of electricity can vary from household to household depending on your supplier but you are typically looking at a rate of 10-15p/kWh. That works out to around 5-10p.  Even with the impending price energy price rises, we forecast that charging a battery from zero to full, would not exceed 20p, which is negligible when compared to conventional fuel costs.

As an electric bike rider, you also don’t have to worry about parking charges, road tax charges, the congestion charge and the newly introduced ULEZ charge.  That’s not all, as e-bikes are classed as conventional bikes, you will also be saving on insurance, servicing and MOT costs too.  

To conclude, for urban commuting, an electric bike will absolutely help to save you money each year.

fuel prices uk

#3 Improve Your Health and Fitness

It is a popular misconception that electric bikes do not offer all the physical and mental health benefits that conventional bicycles provide.  In fact, we would say that e-bikes are even better, as you can ride them for an extended period of time than you would a regular bicycle, and it also means that people with lower fitness levels, who would not normally cycle can now enjoy the pleasures of cycling.

In the UK, electric bikes run on battery-powered pedal-assistance, which means that you need to pedal the bike in order to propel the bike forward.  That’s why you can comfortably ride your electric bike for longer periods without as much strain on your knees.

As with any outdoor exercise, cycling releases your ‘feel-good’ hormones known as endorphins.  These endorphins help to relax your mind and naturally make you feel happier.  This boosts your mood and reduces feelings of anxiety.  Research shows people that regularly cycle have a significantly lower risk of feeling stressed and are therefore a great benefit for good mental health.

ktm macina e bikes uk

So there you have it, 3 of many reasons you should ditch your car and switch to an electric bike.

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